Legal support

Legal support

Legal counsel:

Costa Selected offers a wide range of services for the organization and legal support of transactions in Spain. Any manipulation of the real estate associated with the signing of contracts and related documentation must be strictly in the presence of a legal adviser.

Qualified legal personnel is available to help you if you need any legal assistance in:

  • Purchase and sale transactions
  • Registration of property
  • Obtaining a residence permit in Spain
  • Short or long term leases and transactions
  • Get a mortgage to buy property in the country
  • Pre-trial settlement of conflicts
  • Participation in legal proceedings, etc

Legal assistance is needed when sharing the property, allocating a stock or shares, land, estate in Spain and entering the right in a donation (taking into account the specific legislation of the country).

The Costa Selected team will help to simplify the whole process by meeting all the legal requirements that can be tedious and complicated (especially for high-volume transactions). We also maximize the speed with which we collect and process all necessary documentation. The company’s specialists offer free consultations in which clients explain the characteristics of the case and potential difficulties of the transaction, agreeing on legal support at all stages of the parties’ negotiations to eliminate fraud, possible financial leaks and lack of transparency.

We work closely with a number of highly professional and well-established lawyers and specialists.

If there has been a contentious situation and the conflict needs to be solved on favorable terms, it is impossible to forego the help of an experienced specialist. It requires an individual approach with a detailed study and taking into account all the details of the case. The lawyer represents the clients in court and defends his rights and interests by all means permitted. The experienced graduate will tell you exactly how to act and what to do on each step to solve the case.

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